June/Mid Year Wrap-up!


We are officially halfway through 2017. What a year it has been so far, both in my personal life and just in the world in general. We could all really use some good news these days. Since I started summer classes in June, it wasn’t my best reading month. I only read 5 books, but I that’s sort of what I was expecting. Taking four summer classes = very little reading time. Plus, I was also bingeing season 3 of Jane the Virgin, so reading wasn’t quite the priority it usually is.

On a side note, I’m not going to be doing a TBR this month, because I haven’t been very good at sticking to them recently, so I’m just going to go by mood for a while and see how that goes.

Here are the books I read in June –

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Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris: ★★★★ I’ve been meaning to read this book since a friend recommended it to me 4 years ago. I ended up really enjoying it, though not quite as much as I’d expected. While a lot of the stories were funny and relatable, a few just didn’t strike me as particularly interesting.

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis (counting this as 3 books – even though I read the bind-up)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis: ★★★★ I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Pevensies, and this is pretty much the last we see of them. I did enjoy this book more than I was expecting it to, but it definitely isn’t a favorite in the series for me.

The Silver Chair by CS Lewis: ★★ This is where the series got weird. This book wasn’t terrible or anything, but without the Pevensies, I just wasn’t nearly as invested in the story. Plus, this book definitely wasn’t shy about hitting me over the head with the Christian references (which I don’t always mind, but it was so un-subtly done that it got REALLY annoying really fast).

The Last Battle by CS Lewis: ★★ This book was such a let-down for me. Not only did the “Christian ideal” get wayyyy too complicated and annoying, but the whole tone of the series seriously shifted. There was a lot of (not so) subtle racist and sexist language (the villains are called “Darkies” and are led by a monkey king), and Susan is basically labelled a whore for “growing up”. Definitely not what I wanted in a finale for this series.

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris: ★★★★ I needed an audiobook to listen to, and I decided to pick this one up, since I was already reading Me Talk Pretty One  Day. I actually think I enjoyed this one a little more, and I think it’s because I was actually listening to him read his own stories. My mom listened to a couple chapters with me and they had us in tears from laughing. Sedaris is so good at telling his stories, and I’d love to read more in the future.


2017 Yearly Goals Update

So, as some of you probably know, I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Since we’re halfway through 2017, I wanted to check back in with myself and see how I’m doing.

My reading goals –

Goodreads Challenge: 55/104 (4 books ahead of schedule) YAY! I’m actually ahead on this goal. I was worried that such a high goal might not be attainable for me, but so far it hasn’t proved too difficult!

12 Books/Series I have to read in 2017: 5/12 (Technically at the end of June it was 4, but I finished one today so I’m counting it for this list, just not in my wrap-up) I am Malala, Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Diviners, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Chronicles of Narnia. I’m a little bit behind on this, but I’m still determined to get through this list this year if it kills me. These books have been on my TBR for wayyyy too long.

12 Classics I have to read in 2017: 4/12 The Bell Jar, The Scarlet Letter, Anna Karenina, Sense and Sensibility.  I’m not quite as far as I’d like to be on this list, but I’ve gotten through Anna Karenina, which is a huge accomplishment for me considering how big it is. Plus, the rest of the books on my list aren’t nearly as long, so I’m still pretty confident I can make it.

My blogging goals –

2 posts per week: HA! I’m hilarious. Yeah, this one hasn’t happened. I’ve definitely gotten better, but not even close to 2 per week… More like 2 per month. I’ll get there eventually.

More reviews: Well, I’m actually not sure about this one. I definitely feel like I’ve posted more reviews, though not as many as I’d initially wanted to. On the other hand, I feel like my reviews have become a lot more nuanced, and I’m a lot more comfortable with the formatting and process. So, maybe not better quantity, but definitely better quality.

Discussion posts; Again, still not as many as I would have liked, but I’m definitely getting better. I’m starting to find more topics that interest me, and I feel like I’m learning more about how I form my opinions, and why I think the way I do in terms of what I read.


How are you doing on all your 2017 goals? Are you on track? If not, I believe in you! Let me know in the comments!



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