If You Like That… Try This! #2: Divide


If you’re at all into pop music, then you’ve probably heard at least one song from Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide. I’ve been complete obsessed with this album since it came out, and my favorite song by FAR is “Castle on the Hill”. For some reason I’m a sucker for songs with banjo in the background, no clue why.

Dive —————> Wildthorn (Jane England)

If you like the song “Dive”, you might like Wildthorn. I just read this book recently, and I think this song sums up the relationship between the main character Louisa Cosgrove and Eliza, who is an assistant in the insane asylum where Louisa has been placed. They are both hesitant around each other due to their circumstances as well as their individual histories, but the connection between them is undeniable.

Shape of You —————-> Empire of Storms (Sarah J Maas)

If you like the song “Shape of You”, you might like the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, in particular book five: Empire of Storms. Without going into too much detail, because of spoilers, I can definitely say this is the book with the most romance (and sex). Many of the characters either begin to show interest in another character or deepen relationships that have popped up in previous books. Definitely an intense and passionate book about doing everything for the person you love.

Perfect —————–> The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)

If you like the song “Perfect”, you might like The Fault in Our Stars. This book definitely doesn’t need any more recommendations after it’s surge of popularity when it first came out a few years ago, but this was the first book I thought of when listening to this song. Two kids fighting against all odds to be together for their little infinity. Their love is pure, unabashed, and hopeful despite the almost certain promise of an expiration date.

Happier ———————–> The Great Gatsby (F Scott Fitzgerald)

If you like “Happier”, you might like The Great Gatsby. I’ll admit that I sort of stole this answer from A Clockwork Reader‘s “Divide Playlist Book Tag”, but really, what book could be more perfect for this song than this one? The relationship with Gatsby and Daisy HAD to have been the inspiration behind this song. I’m absolutely positive.

New Man ———————-> The Selection (Kiera Cass)

If you like “New Man”, you might like The Selection series. Upon listening to this song, I immediately thought of America’s relationship with Aspen and Maxon. I can completely picture Aspen singing this to Mer while visiting her in the palace.

What Do I Know? —————–> This Lullaby (Sarah Dessen)

If you like “What Do I Know?”, you might like This Lullaby. I really want Dexter to have written this song for Remy. It wraps up all her cynicism towards romance and falling in love and flips it on its head. I can picture this being the song he uses to woo her into going out on a date with him, the ultimate “just give me a chance” song.

How Would You Feel? (Paean) ——–> Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)

If you like “How Would You Feel? (Paean)”, you might like Anna and the French Kiss. Actually any book in this trilogy would work well for this one, but I felt like Anna fit the best. Anna and Étienne will always be my favorite, and I love how we get to see their relationship throughout all three books. Their relationship is far from perfect, especially at the beginning, but they find a way to make it work.

Supermarket Flowers ———–> A Monster Calls (Patrick Ness)/If This is Home (Kristine Scarrow)

If you like “Supermarket Flowers”, you might like A Monster Calls, and you might also like If This is Home. I couldn’t pick which of these two fit better for this song, so I decided to just recommend both. Both of these books are such beautiful illustrations of a relationship between a mother and her child, and how strong that relationship can be in the face of hardship and adversity. Plus, they’ll all make you cry.

Barcelona ———> Everything, Everything (Nicola Yoon)

If you like “Barcelona”, you might like Everything, Everything. The main character of this book, Madeline, is allergic to pretty much everything (no pun intended), so her relationship with the outside world is pretty much just in her imagination and in the books she reads. The idea of her and Olly together in her spotless, completely sterile house dancing around imagining themselves in a world Madeline will never be able to see is just completely adorable.

Save Myself ——–> If I Stay (Gayle Foreman)

If you like “Save Myself”, you might like If I Stay. In this book, our main character is in a car accident, and falls into a coma. However, her mind is still conscious, and she spends the course of the book deciding whether (after the events of the crash) it’s worth it to keep fighting to stay alive, or if she wants to let go and never wake up. She spends the book reliving her life as well as revisiting her relationships with family and friends, trying to decide what makes life worth living.

Do you agree with my choices? Did I make you want to go pick one of these books up, or make you want to listen to Divide? What’s your favorite song on Ed Sheeran’s new album? Tell me in the comments!



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