Discussion: Annotating Books


Everyone has probably had to annotate a book for school, but who would ever do it to their own books? Apparently, a lot of people. I’ve never annotated my books for fun, as I’m not a fan of writing in my books, and I’d never been able to come up with a system that I thought would work for bookmarking my books with post-its or sticky tabs.

Recently, I watched this video posted by Problems of a Book Nerd, and in it she talks a little bit about her system for marking her books with sticky tabs. I thought her system was a very interesting way to keep track of the best moments in the books you read. I can see how it makes it easier to go back and reread your books, or keep track of notes for when you write reviews. You can even mark pages that have your favorite quotes.

However, whenever I’ve tried to annotate books before, I’ve noticed that it slows me down quite a lot. I get too distracted looking for things to annotate, rather than just focusing on what I’m reading, and enjoying the content. I also don’t like having to stop reading every time I want to mark something, so I can peel the sticky tab off and put it on the page where I want it.

I really like the idea of having bookmarks in all my books so that I can go back and reread all of my favorite parts easily, but whenever I try to annotate my books, or mark them with sticky tabs, it just ends up annoying me. So, I think, while I can see the benefits of annotating books, it just isn’t something that I can implement in my own reading habits.

What do you think? Do you annotate or bookmark your books? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Discussion: Annotating Books

  1. I can’t annotate. I just can’t do it. I hate writing in my books and I hate taking the time to do it and I hate that whenever I try to reread it my eyes go straight to the mark on the page. If it’s an ebook, I’ll highlight my favorite quotes, but that’s because those are removable and easy to get to.

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