Discussion: Reading Multiple Books at the Same Time


EDIT: So yes, I know this post has been up with no text on it for 2 days. Sorry about that. I had it scheduled to go up, but I was planning on typing it Monday night before it went up. Unfortunately, I was prepping for a medical procedure that night, and I ended up getting really sick, so I’m just now getting around to actually typing this post. Oops! I’ll be more on top of it from now on.

So, for most of my life, I have been the kind of reader who only reads one book at a time. I could never understand people that read more than one book at a time, partially because I felt like it would be really confusing, but I also couldn’t see the point. It didn’t seem like it would make me read faster or anything, so why would I bother? The only time I ever read multiple books at a time was when I had to read multiple books for different classes.

Then, as I started getting more involved in the online bookish community, I started noticing that most people read more than one book at a time, and I thought this was really interesting, so I was curious to see why so many people did it, and how they make it work. As I started paying attention, I noticed that most people who read more than one book at a time read books from different genres, which I feel like eliminates most of the confusion that would happen as a result of reading books of the same genre.  However, I still didn’t understand how this would make people read any faster.

This January, I finally figured it out. When I started reading The Inconvenience of the Wings, which is an anthology of short stories, I knew that I didn’t want to read it all in one go, despite the fact that it’s less than 200 pages. So, I decided that I would read one chapter of that book per day. If I hadn’t picked up another book in the meantime, I would have felt really guilty about getting through the book so slowly. So, I picked up another book. When I had finished my chapter for the day, I could go back to reading books that I would read much faster. I started doing this more with big books as well. I think I read three other books during the process of reading The Name of the Wind (which is 700+) pages. It’s really helpful to me to do this, because I feel less guilty about reading really big books that take me more than a day or two to get through, because I’m still reading other books in the meantime.

Another thing I’ve discovered recently is the magic of reading different books in different mediums at the same time. Since I just started a job working at the same company as my mother, she and I both carpool to work together. On the 45 minute drive to and from work, she and I listen to audiobooks. I can listen to the book in the car while driving, and then also have a physical book to read when I get home. I also like listening to audiobooks when I’m doing chores around the house, because I can’t give myself the excuse of wanting to read instead of clean my room when I can do both at the same time. On top of that, I also have several review books that I have on my phone, so I can read those while waiting for appointments or while I’m on my lunch break at work without having to lug around a physical book. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to get into this habit of reading multiple books simultaneously.

Do you read multiple books at the same time? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments! 






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