2017 Reading and Blogging Goals


Since 2016 is almost over, it’s time to start thinking about my goals for 2017. While I definitely kept better track of my reading and blogging this year, I still have a long way to go before I’m really happy with my reading and the content I’m producing on this blog.

So, to start off, here are my reading goals for 2017 – 

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 104 Books

Read 12 Classics (See the books here)

Read 12 books that have been on my TBR for too long (see the books here)

In 2016, I attempted to complete a TBR jar challenge, but this year since I have the 2 challenges above, I’m not going to do another one this year.

By now, all of you guys probably know Clara from Lost in my Library, since I think I mention her in every single post I make at this point. Next year, she and I will be doing monthly buddy reads, and I will do full reviews for all 12 books we read. The books will be announced in my TBR posts, if you’d like to join us!

And now, for my blogging/social media goals:

Next year, I really want to be better about scheduling posts, and having them go up on time and regularly. I’m hoping that I will have 2 posts per week, one on Tuesday, and one on Saturday.

The only time this will be different is when I do a TBR or Wrap-Up, which will go up back-to-back on the last day of the month, then the first day of the new month.

I want to do more reviews. I’ve recently started receiving eARCS from Netgalley, so that will help. I’m really excited to start reviewing books again, and to share more in-depth thoughts about the books I read with you.

I also want to do more discussion posts. Discussions aren’t something that I’ve ever really done, but I want to try to incorporate some into my blog this year, and see how it goes.

Along the lines of reviews, I’m also planning on doing more recommendation posts. While I’m not entirely sure about the formatting of this yet, I am hoping to try out a “If you like this, try that” series similar to Cece from Problemsofabooknerd. I’ve recently started watching her videos and I think this series in particular looks really fun and so I want to give it a try.

My next goal requires a little bit of feedback from you, because I’m not sure if this would interest anyone. Over the past year, I’ve been listening to a lot more music, due to my magical discovery of the wonder that is Spotify. I was thinking about trying to incorporate this into my blog a little bit. I love music, so I would love to share that with all of you, if you are interested. My three main ideas right now are album reviews, sharing my playlists, and making playlists based on the books I am reading.

Over the summer, I started an Instagram account (@skysreadingcorner) for books. While I was able to keep posting regularly throughout the summer, once I got to school I sort of lost motivation and let it fall by the wayside. This year, I’d like to pick that back up again, and hopefully post at least twice a week, with monthly TBR and Wrap-Up posts.

Would you like to see some more content about music? What are your goals for next year? Tell me in the comments below!



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