12 Books I HAVE to Read in 2017


As this year is drawing to a close, I’m starting to think about my reading goals for next year. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing a few more posts like this talking about my reading and blog goals for 2017. While this year was my best reading year yet (I’m absolutely determined to get to 100 books, and I’m very close), my TBR shelf is still much larger than I want it to be. One of my biggest goals for 2017 is to not buy as many books, (I already know this won’t go well) and focus on decreasing the amount of books I OWN that I haven’t read. For the purposes of this list, I’m counting completed series as 1 entity. I’m also not counting any books that will be released in 2017, or classics, because I’m planning on making separate posts for those. So, without further ado, here is a list of the 10 books that I’m making it a goal to finish in 2017  (in no particular order) –


I am Malala – by Malala Yousafzai

I think I’ve had this on my TBR for like 4 months in a row. I promise you. I will get to this SOON. I’m planning on reading this very early next year, if not in January.


The Mara Dyer trilogy – by Michelle Hodkin

This is yet another series that I’ve been meaning to read for years. For some reason I’ve just never been in the mood for it, and I’m slightly put off by the negative things I’ve heard about the conclusion of this trilogy. While I definitely want to get this trilogy done sometime next year, I’ll probably end up putting it off until October, because it seems like it would be a good Halloween read.


The Gemma Doyle Trilogy – by Libba Bray

I have owned. This book. Since I was in fourth grade. I am in college. This is a problem. I only owned the first one, so I never got to finish the rest of the trilogy. I finally got my hands on the second and third book, so I HAVE to finish this trilogy this year. If it kills me.


American Gods – by Neil Gaiman

I actually haven’t owned this one for all that long, but I don’t really have an excuse for why I haven’t read it yet. I loved The Graveyard Book when I read it a few months ago, so I wanted to read more of Neil Gaiman’s books, so I picked this one up. Here we are, months later, and it still sits on my shelf, unread.


The Diviners – by Libba Bray

Yet another Libba Bray book on this list. This is one that I’ve been putting off because it’s absolutely massive, but I know that I’m going to love it. I don’t have the second book, Lair of Dreams, yet, so I don’t feel quite as intimidated as I would if I had both of them to read.


His Dark Materials – by Phillip Pullman

Another one that I’ve been putting off because it’s absolutely massive. My copy is all three books as a bind-up, totaling well over 1000 pages. It’s just not practical to carry around a 5-pound book all day. Hopefully I’ll tackle this one over the summer when I’m home and don’t have to lug the book anywhere but from my bookshelf to my bed.


Afterworlds – by Scott Westerfeld

I’m not really sure why I haven’t picked this one up yet. I remember there being a bit of hype about it on Booktube when it first came out, but by the time I got around to getting a copy, the hype had died down. I think I just sort of forgot about it after that, but I do want to pick it up soon.


Satellite – by Lee Davidson

I got this book in a Goodreads giveaway when it first came out, in exchange for an honest review. Well, here we are 2 years later, and I feel absolutely awful about the fact that I never got around to reading this. While I don’t necessarily feel as invested in this book as I did when I first got it, I still feel morally obligated to read and review it, hopefully sometime this year.


The Luxe series- by Anna Godberson

And here we have yet another series that I have owned since I was in elementary school. I read the first book, and I think I got about half through the second one before I got kind of bored and wanted to pick up something a little more interesting. I then proceeded to never pick these books up again. That will all change, though. I hope.


A Song of Ice and Fire – by George RR Martin

I read the first three books in this series last summer, and so I want to make it my goal to finish the last two books in this series sometime this year. And hopefully join everyone else in the torturous wait for book six.


A Thousand Splendid Suns – by Khaled Hosseini

I read The Kite Runner for the first time a couple of years ago, and it’s one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve been wanting to read more of Khaled Hosseini’s books since then, but I’ve also been putting it off because I didn’t think I was emotionally ready. I think I am now… Maybe.


The Chronicles of Narnia – CS Lewis

I’ve actually already read the first four books in this series, so I just need to read books 5-7. Unfortunately, I do know the ending of the seventh book, so that’s part of what’s put me off for so long, but I really do want to read the rest of them.

What books do you want to read next year? What makes you put off reading a book? What is the longest you’ve ever had a book on your shelf? Tell me in the comments!



15 thoughts on “12 Books I HAVE to Read in 2017

  1. I need to read Mara Dyer too! I don’t own it, so I have an excuse, but it’s one of those things that’s been sitting on my to-read list forever. The one book that I REALLY need to read in 2017 is The Blood of Olympus. I literally started that series when it first came out in seventh grade and now I STILL haven’t read the last book. I’m telling myself that I’m not allowed to read any of Rick Riordan’s newer books until I’ve read that.

  2. Afterworlds is on my tbr too. And I want to reread his dark materials at some point, but it doesn’t have to be next year. And I don’t intentionally put books off, I just have a problem choosing xD which is bad since my tbr is 500+

    • My TBR is only at about 400 but I own about 150 of those, which is really bad considering I only read about 100 books per year. I want to decrease my TBR pile as much as possible next year so it’s more under control.

  3. I definitely need to read the other six books of the chronicles of Narnia, though like you, I know what happens in the last book and have the exact same reason for not wanting to read the other six! I love your blog so much! Can’t wait to see future posts!

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