Book Review #23: In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken

Enjoy! 😀

First of all, sorry for the extended absence, I’ve been super busy because I just went to Chicago! I was gone all last week. I promise I’ll be posting more often from now!

Also, just a reminder that I have started a YouTube Channel! Check it out here if you’re interested 🙂 I’ll be putting up some new videos this week since it’s almost 2015. Can you believe it?

Anyway – In the Afterlight. I think I can safely say that this book was the most satisfying end to a trilogy I have ever read. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, and I tried to keep low expectations to prevent disappointment. I was far from disappointed. I loved the way the story finally came to a climactic close as we reached the end of Ruby’s journey. All of the characters seemed to evolve seamlessly throughout the course of the novel, and getting to know the character’s inner conflicts a bit better was both heartbreaking and wonderful, because we get to see parts of the characters we didn’t even know existed.

I gave IN THE AFTERLIGHT by Alexandra Bracken 5 out of 5 stars.


“If I’ve hurt you half as bad as you’re hurting me,” he said, his voice ragged, “then, God, just kill me. I can’t stand this. Say something. SAY SOMETHING!”

THIS. JUST THIS. So much pain. I never cry when I read… But gods that sentence made me physically ache for Ruby and Lee. I just wanted everything to be ok…

Suzume speaking… Actually broke my heart. More like shattered it, really. I never saw it coming, and the adorableness/sadness was too much for me. Especially Chubs’ reaction. They’ve all protected this little girl for so long, and suddenly, she’s found a way to stand up and protect herself.

The scene where Lee and Ruby find Chubs and Vida was absolutely hilarious. I think I laughed to the point where I had to set down the book and remind myself to breathe.

Cole… I had no clue that was coming. Definitely not in that way, either… That was the last straw for me in the death boat. I think part of me was relieved that it wasn’t Lee, but most of me was just screaming internally about the unfairness of young adult literature.

Ruby was the spy. Well, technically it was Clancy… But still. I’m not sure this one surprised me too much. If it surprised me I never questioned it because it made sense as soon as I realized what it meant.

Liam finding Ruby made everything so much better. They are just too perfect.

~PhantomhiveSky (Annalee Sky)


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