Book Review #20: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Enjoy! 😀

In order to prevent spoilers, I’m just going to say right now that there may be spoilers in this review for the PJO series, though I’ll try to stay away from spoilers that pertain to the Heroes of Olympus series.

Ok, so I know I’m really late to this party. REALLY. Late. I read the PJO series back in elementary school, and when the Heroes of Olympus series emerged, I just didn’t feel ready. I felt that the PJO series had concluded beautifully, and any continuation would just be a sell-out.

However, I really enjoyed this book. It brought back memories from my junior high and elementary school and I loved falling back into Percy, Grover, and Annabeth’s world of demigods, even if it was with new characters.

I had forgotten how much I loved Riordan’s humorous and suspenseful writing, and how closely attached I became to all of his characters. In this story, I don’t feel like I became quite as attached to the new main characters as I did with Annabeth, Grover, and Percy. I felt that there was a little to close of a resemblance to them through Leo, Piper, and Jason.

As far as the story goes, it was pretty fast-paced, and really enjoyable. I liked not knowing exactly how things were going to play out at any given moment.

My biggest problem with this book was the suspense. Jason has amnesia, and the entire plot of the book is his quest to regain his memory, but I feel like it took a little too long for them to figure out their actual goal.

I gave THE LOST HERO by Rick Riordan 4 out of 5 stars.

~ PhantomhiveSky


PS – RIP Festus


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