Book Review #19: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

Enjoy! 😀

If you haven’t read my review for THE FIFTH WAVE by Rick Yancey (the first book in this series) you can read that here. I’m going to warn away those of you who haven’t read THE FIFTH WAVE right away, as obviously anything I say about THE INFINITE SEA will probably spoil you for THE FIFTH WAVE. So, off you pop!

I have to say I didn’t enjoy THE INFINITE SEA quite as much as I enjoyed THE FIFTH WAVE. My biggest problem was the pace. It was much slower than THE FIFTH WAVE. Very little really happened in this book. Also, some of the perspectives confused me. The book starts out from Ringer’s perspective, and it took me a while to figure out that it actually was Ringer narrating. Also, I felt that we don’t see some of our characters for too long, and by the time they showed up again, I had pretty much forgotten what was happening in their story.

The thing I really liked about this book is how thought provoking it was. It was much more philosophical than THE FIFTH WAVE, and definitely made me think about humanity and the motives behind everything we do.

I gave THE INFINITE SEA by Rick Yancey 3 out of 5 stars.


Poundcake…. My poor baby…. You poor, poor boy.

Evan and Cassie. I’m so happy you have been reunited. Though it took the entire book to do so… -.-

Ringer. It’s really nice to get to know her more as a character, though I’m not really sure what to think of her relationship with Razor.

As far as the explanation, the rat metaphor, I found it to be quite confusing. I really thought it was interesting and thought provoking. I just wish he hadn’t been so mysterious about it.

~ PhantomhiveSky


2 thoughts on “Book Review #19: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

  1. ludybina says:

    Lol, I just finished reading this book yesterday. Can’t wait for September to read the third book. In the meantime I’m reading some other sci fi trilogies.

    I must agree! I don’t know how I feel about Razor and Ringer either. Like, I think he’s cute. He’s like the dorky cute but then all serious hard core soldier to lie to her the way he did! Very 50 shades-ish lol And Cassie! I can’t believe she let Ben kiss her! I thought she was in love with Evan. I mean, I know she really is but everyone is kissing everyone 😀 lol. I didn’t get the rat metaphor either only that the rats are the humans, but apparently everyone is a human now. It was all a little confusing. I personally felt that the part in the book where Ringer was in the camp with Razor taking care of her was too long! Did the author really need to describe the game that long! It was just so long!

    I don’t know what to expect in the 3rd book. I just hope it’s not terrible or I’m really going to be upset. I was a little said when I found out there really was no aliens lol.


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