Tag #11: In Your Pants

Enjoy! 😀

So, this is basically an innuendo tag. You take the titles of books, and add “in your pants” to the end of them. I will be listing 20 books which sound pretty funny if you add “in your pants” to the end. These are in no particular order. Comment your favorites below!

1) New Moon – in your pants….

2) A Feast for Crows – in your pants…

3) Fire – in your pants

4) Prodigy – in your pants

5) The Sea of Monsters – in your pants

6) Hollow City – in your pants

7) Where She Went – in your pants

8) An Abundance of Catherines – in your pants

9) Looking for Alaska – in your pants

10) The Darkest Minds – in your pants

11) The Lovely Bones – in your pants

12) Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – in your pants

13) Moby-Dick – in your pants

14) Just One Day – in your pants

15) If I Stay – in your pants

16) Every Day – in your pants

17) The Guardian – in your pants

18) No Dogs Allowed – in your pants

19) Animal Farm – in your pants

20) Breaking Dawn – in your pants

What titles do you think are funny if you add “in your pants?” Comment some of your favorites below!

~ PhantomhiveSky


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