Book Review #3: Messenger by Lois Lowry (Read July 2014)

Enjoy! 😀

Obviously, as this is the 3rd book in a series, I will not go into too much detail about the plot to avoid spoilers. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, just as I have enjoyed every other book in this series. Following a new character each book and discovering how these individual stories align and interact together is fascinating, and makes me want to continue on with the series. Unfortunately, I don’t have the fourth installment in this quartet, but I hope I will be able to pick it up soon.

In MESSENGER, we get to delve a little deeper into the life of Matty, Kira’s childhood friend whom we meet in GATHERING BLUE. Matty lives in a community that is very different from the one he grew up in with Kira. He also lives with Kira’s father, who is now a blind old man, though he is still very wise and lives a comfortable life. Though everyone seems to be happy in Matty’s community, things are changing, and not for the better. To top it off, Matty discovers that he has a gift, similar to Kira and Leader.

I really enjoyed getting to know these characters a little more, and experiencing and living in their world. It’s very interesting to see how the different communities react differently to people who are not typical, for example Kira, who has a disability, or Mentor, who has a large birthmark on his face. I think this reflects on us as a society, and how, depending on where we come from, we look at people’s quirks differently, some things we scorn, others we embrace.

I definitely recommend the GIVER QUARTET to anyone who is interested in Dystopian Societies. Lois Lowry combines a little bit of satire with a dystopian world that is filled with dystopian communities claiming eutopia.

Although I really enjoyed the book, I felt the ending was a little bit to “typical” and too predictable. I could see it coming before it happened, but I have to admit I didn’t see it coming until about 3/4 of the way through the book, so it wasn’t too bothersome to me. I just wish it was something a little bit more original.

I gave MESSENGER by Lois Lowry 4 out of 5 stars.




















I have to ask, IS LEADER JONAS FROM THE GIVER? AGHH this question drove me up the wall while I was reading, and hopefully when I read the next and final installment in THE GIVER QUARTET, I will have my answer.

I became quite attached to Frolic as time went on in the story. He’s just so cute! I was really depressed when Matty thought he had died, but he came back! That made me happy.

I’m also wondering if Kira and Leader are going to fall in love… The way they both speak of each other, even if they didn’t really “meet” in this book, made me feel like they kind of connected in a way that no one else can. They can both see into a different time, and they can meet each other in the middle, which I thought was quite interesting. I think it would be good if they found solace in each other, they would be that one person that understands everything for each other, and I could see a beautiful friendship if nothing else forming between these two.

I was also really happy with the fact that Kira didn’t accept Matty’s offer to fix her leg. She’s right, it is a part of her. It’s part of what makes her so likeable as a character. She has fought so hard for so long to keep up, and she has, but in her own way. Even if she can’t walk or run as fast as normal people, she also has this amazing gift that no one else has, and she is uniquely Kira.

I’m not entirely sure if I like the idea of Matty and Jean.. I feel like their relationship is a little bit superficial, but at the same time, I understand that what Matty did for Mentor may change that. Jean confided in Matty and shared with him her darkest secret, and Matty helped her solve her problem. I see that he clearly likes her, but I’m not sure if she is just using him, or if her feelings for him are genuine… Hopefully we will find out.

I am really excited to finish up this series, and hopefully I will be able to purchase the fourth installment, SON, as soon as possible.

~ PhantomhiveSky


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